Redzone Raven Compound Bow

The Raven is new version of the popular Falcon model bow. The new carbon finish paint work makes this bow stand out from the crowd. The wheel harness features fast flight strings and energy cams to boost up speed and make the bow more suitable for beginning at an archery club. The Raven package includes the basics to get you started right the first time with a 3-Tube hip quiver for target and club use. The Raven features a cast alloy riser and fibreglass limbs in 40-55 pound draw weight. The wheels are adjustable for draw length 27-30” Available in right hand only.

I.B.O 230 f.p.s.
Draw 27-29 inch
Draw Wt. 35-50 lbs.
Brace Height 7-1/2”
Axle-Axle 43”